Shadow Colors and Maybe Insects

by aloonaluna



Track part of a various artist compilation put out by Watery Starve Press.

"This ghostly compilation features many exclusive tracks, including one from cosmic duo Quiet Evenings, forest-siren Inez Lightfoot, and New Orleans based New Age staple Transmuteo. Throughout this 64 minutes of magnetic tape--from Former Selves's otherworldly opener to Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier's haunted closer--each spectral songmaker explores disjointed spaces and shadowy crevices. Time lost to an open sea. Years go by staring at a mirror."

A1. Former Selves- Breathing Method
A2. Inez Lightfoot- Song for Hyperion
A3. Roamer X- Tides and Vessels
A4. Transmuteo- Wave Disciples
A5. Heather Lee Smith and Michael Arcos- Smog
A6. Christopher Fleeger- Adiabatica
A7. blacksunblackmoon- Okay
B1. Quiet Evenings- House of Shadows
B2. Woset- Perpetual Passage
B3. Stargazer Trail- Shade of Blue
B4. Aloonaluna- California Blue
B5. Ice Jet- Albion Basin
B6. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier- Neverending Story

Tape art by Lynn Fister. Watercolor printed on j-card with unique collage work on each. Pro-dubbed chrome tape with red shell and silver imprinting.


released 07 September 2012



all rights reserved


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